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Air Cooled Diesel Engines


Industrial Purpose

Air-cooled diesel engine for mixer machine

Ajit Engineering Works is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of air-cooled diesel engine for mixer machine. Our air cooled diesel engines are used in several industries across the country for a wide range of purposes. We have high-quality air cooled diesel engine for construction. The double cylinder diesel engine is manufactured to ease the operations in industries or construction sites. Ajit’s DM 20 diesel engine is one of the finest in the industry. It provides the best possible results and therefore; it is preferred by a lot of industries across the country. We have been making powerful diesel engine with hydraulic pump for the needs of the industries and construction sites.

Engine Power

25 Hp (20kw)

Engine Type

2-Stroke Cylinder

Categories: Industrial Purpose
Uses: In Industrial

Reasons to buy air cooled diesel engines from Ajit Engineering Works:

Finest Quality, Superior Performance

Many industries install and use double cylinder diesel engine or an air-cooled diesel engine for mixer machine for different purposes. However, a machine or engine is always used to increase the productivity and efficiency. We focus on providing high-quality air cooled diesel engines to the clients so that they are able to get maximum benefits in their industries and construction sites.

We have been making topnotch air cooled diesel engine for construction for the construction sites so that the workers in the site are helped immensely. Also, we make top-quality DM 20 diesel engine for a wide range of purposes. Additionally, we have a variety of other engines as well, like diesel engine with hydraulic pump for an extensive range of purposes. Our team’s main focus is to make the engines that perform well and offer a lot of benefits.

High-Tech Double Cylinder Diesel Engine and Other Engines

One of the other reasons to buy air cooled diesel engines from us is that we make high-tech products. We use the latest technology to make highly advanced products for the clients. We have a modern set that includes all the latest machinery and tools to make the air cooled diesel engine for construction and other engines. Our team constantly upgrades the technology that we use to make sure that we are able to use the best techniques to make engines faster. Also, we believe in making engines with the latest technology. So, the engines that we sell to the customers are cutting-edge as well. Therefore, many clients prefer to buy advanced products from us, including the DM 20 diesel engine etc. We have an inhouse team of experts who keep a close eye on the latest technology. Then we upgrade the technology or machinery that we use to the latest machinery in order to product highly efficient engines at a quick pace. Also, our engines are very advanced and high-tech. Thus, industries who want to make the most of the diesel engines always prefer to buy engines from us.

Apart form making sure that we are supplying high performing engines that are manufactured using the latest technology to the clients, we focus on the pricing of the engines as well. We make sure that we sell the engines at competitive or the most suitable prices. We always want to make sure that the industries or the clients that use our engines get maximum benefits from the engines. Though, you might require some investment while installing and using engines, but our engines are surely worth the price. Clients do get maximum benefits from Ajit Engineering Work’s high-quality engines.

Always feel free to reach out to Ajit Engineering Works’ team to know more about our products.