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Air-Cooled Generator Sets


Agricultural Purpose

Free Electricity Generator Sets

Generator sets are used extensively in the agricultural fields. Ajit Engineering Works makes a wide variety of air-cooled generator sets as well as self-start generator sets for the farmers. A free electricity generator set is very useful for the farmers. The generator set for power enables the farmers to get better yields. Therefore, we make several self-start DG sets for the use of the farmers. Ajit’s generator set for electricity is manufactured using the best quality materials to deliver maximum benefits to the farmers. Our radiator generator sets are used extensively in several fields to get better results and yield from the farming fields. However, there are several reasons that make Ajit Engineering Works one of the most preferred choice for generator sets in India.

Engine Power

25 Hp (20kw)

Engine Type

2-Stroke Cylinder

Categories: Agricultural Purpose
Uses: In Agricultural

Features that make us one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of generator sets:

A Wide Variety of Generator Sets

Ajit Engineering Works is a renowned manufacturer of a wide range of generator sets for the clients. We make air-cooled generator sets as well as radiator generator sets. Mostly, we make generator set for power. As, our generator set for electricity are high in demand, therefore, we are recognized as one of the most popular generator manufacturers of the country. We also make self-start generator sets. Our self-start DG sets are made using the latest technology. One of the prime advantages of buying generator sets from us is that you will get a wide range of options to choose from. So, the buyers can select the most suitable or most useful generator set of their field as per their needs.

Use of Best Quality Material and Techniques to Make Generator Sets

Our radiator generator sets and all the other engines and generators that we make are of the highest quality. They are very reliable and they last long. The main factor that enhances the durability of the free electricity generator set manufactured by us is the use of the latest technology for making the generator. Also, we use only the best quality and tested material to make the generator set for power. Our team carefully testes the material that is used to make the generator set for electricity. After the material passes the quality check, then only we use it to manufacture air-cooled generator sets etc. We have partnered with some of the finest vendors in the industry to get top-quality raw material to make radiator generator sets for the agricultural fields. After all, self-start generator sets and all other generators and engines used in the farming fields are meant to benefit the farmers. Therefore, we don’t leave any stone unturned to make the best quality self-start DG sets, engines and other equipment used in the farms.

We have a special focus on the quality of the products that we make. We have a special team of quality experts that make quality assessment plans to test the raw material as well as the final products. We make sure that the products undergo all the possible quality checks in place. As our main aim is to deliver a top-quality generator set to the client. After all, the product that the customer buys from us should be durable and reliable. Therefore, we test all the aspects to make sure the client receives a product in the perfect working condition.

Also, we cater to the customization needs of the clients. If you have any specific requirements, we will be happy to know. We believe in offering as per the expectations of the clients. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements with our team.